Spring & Fall Clean Up


raking_leaves3Winter in Montana is both a joy and a curse. While we all enjoy the beauty of winter snows and cope with the problems the cold and ice brings, our yards can suffer if we don’t take care of necessary chores before and after the snow comes. At 406 Landscapes, we’re ready to help our customers prepare for the winter season before the snows fall and recover from winter’s damages in the spring. Rely on 406 Landscapes to keep your outdoor spaces in great shape, no matter what the season is.

Spring Lawn and Yard Cleanups for a Great Start

Once the snow finally melts in the spring, and after the last spring blizzard, it’s time to clean up. No matter how clean a yard is in the fall, there’s always a mess in the spring. Squirrels have buried nuts and other food during the winter. Small branches and twigs have fallen from trees and plantings. Pets leave their debris on our lawns, too. Let 406 Landscapes take care of all that mess:

  • Debris Removal – We’ll clean up all of the debris of winter from your yard and dispose of it for you. As soon as the ground has firmed up after the thaw, let us spruce things up.
  • Lawn Evaluation – We’ll take a close look at your lawn to determine if the harsh winter has created any new problems that need attention. We’ll consult with you about any problems, and will recommend when to begin your regular watering schedule.
  • Spring Lawn Treatments – Let 406 Landscapes advise you on any fertilizing, weed control, or other services you should consider. We will only suggest services that are actually necessary for the health and beauty of your lawn.


Fall Cleanups Protect Your Lawn

One of the worst problems every Montana homeowner faces in the fall is the seasonal shedding of leaves by trees, shrubs, and other plantings. Raking leaves and disposing of them can be a backbreaking, time-consuming chore, but it’s an important one for the health of your lawn and the beauty of your home. We offer:
  • Leaf Removal – Our crews will use blowers and power vacuums to remove, mulch, and dispose of leaf accumulations throughout your yard. You can schedule this service once or more than once during the fall. This helps prevent damage to your lawn and keeps your yard beautiful for holiday entertaining.
  • Garden Clearing – Garden areas die off in the fall. We can quickly and completely remove wilted, dead vegetation for a better appearance and easier regeneration in the springtime.
  • Pre-Winter Mowing – As your lawn goes dormant for the winter, a final mowing at the ideal grass length is an important step for a quick recovery once the snow is gone.
  • Lawn Evaluation – We’ll check your lawn and recommend fall fertilization or other treatments to prepare it for a rapid and lush regrowth.